Auburn Area
Catholic School


Our teachers bring a wealth of educational experience into each classroom.

2nd Grade Teacher

Mrs. Lauren Heim 2nd Newsletter 9-16-19


Mr. Clark Switalski    

Preschool Teacher

Mrs. Kim Buchmann is in her 18th year as lead Preschool teacher and Child Care Director at AACS.

Kindergarten Teacher

My name is Jessica Spencer and this is my first year teaching at Auburn Area Catholic School.

1st Grade Teacher

Mrs. Katie Mocny has been teaching for 19 years, 15 of them in Catholic schools. This is her 9th year as a teacher at AACS.

3rd Grade Teacher

Mrs. Lori Salinas has been teaching in Catholic schools for 20 years. This is her 6th year as a teacher at AACS.

4th / 5th Grade Teacher

My name is Meagan Richards and this will be my second year teaching.